SealingLife Technology is a manufacturer of sealing devices and systems, such as O-rings and gasket type products, customized components, panels, overlays and systems designed to contain, conceal, shield, protect, isolate and dampen. Using a wide variety of material types, this specialized fabrication is supported through prototyping, advance material compounding and research, reverse engineering, analysis, and quality management services.  Through innovative problem solving, we are able to take on challenging projects with a vast amount of integration and unknown variables.

Built on helping others succeed and challenging the way people think, SealingLife is committed to producing new and legacy products with exceptional quality and on-time delivery.

Whose Behind the SealingLife Team

Sealinglife’s recipe for an effective team centers around: 

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Goal and Results oriented
  3. Shared workload and responsibilities
  4. Team support
  5. Diverse team members
  6. Good leadership
  7. Highly organized


SealingLife is an AS9100, ISO 9001 certified company.  Our niche is innovative problem solving. We are well-versed with working with many materials (i.e., rubber/elastomers, adhesives foams, composites, fabrics, metals, etc.) and we know engineering and manufacturing very well. Continue reading “About”